Orthent is a kind of "raw" soil which can develop to become any good quality soil in the various weather conditions.

At the time of the formation of our band we thought - and it turned out to be very true ever since - that we couldn't have found any better name for expressing the continuous change of our music.

We were an acoustic band in 1999 when the audience first met us. At that time we have performed the poems of famous Hungarian poets' with acoustic guitar and harmonica.
Our musical transformation started in 2003 when the acoustic instruments were replaced by amplifiers, the poems by Hungarian folk songs.

After a long period of cultivation / polishing up of our style and several member changes, we reached the today's formation of Orthent band. The repertoire includes Hungarian folk songs and instrumental progressive music. All this is the Orthent band.

Identification of our musical style is not justified. It has been called culture-rock and because of its certain elements, it has also been called world music.

Our aim is to create a new, unusual but widely acceptable musical style.
Playing folk songs without the traditional folk instruments is by itself a different style of playing our traditional songs, however, this does not necessarily guarantee the improvement of quality and content. Keeping this in mind we always start working with folk songs with care and respect so that they would still deliver their messages - as they always have. We are keen to deliver the best quality but not only in the case of folk songs. Whatever we do we consciously avoid creating anything unsophisticated or cheap.
We like to explore a wide scale of emotions and dynamics. There are of course songs which are results of spontaneous enjoyment of music but later on those are well developed, too.
We believe in success of quality and we know exactly that not even one moment is useless which we spend with playing music together.

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