I was born in 1979 in Budapest.
People say I wanted to play the drums since I was a child. At that time it didn't exactly happen. My family is not really music oriented therefore my early ambitions weren't supported. Luckily we had some Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd albums at home to which I listened at a very early age. I think these are my first musical memories (around the age of 3-4).
Being a child, all this was nothing but an acoustic experience to me and I didn't even realize that adult musicians create this with the help of instruments. It just totally enchanted me.
That was when I started to love music and even more the acoustic adventure in it as I didn't even know then what music was all about. The truth is that I still couldn't figure it out since...
Living in a city left me with a second-best solution: I started to play guitar. It is a quiet and cheap start for a child who is keen to play some kind of music. However playing on the tiny thin strings wasn't my cup of tea.
I got in contact with drums accidentally and people who heard me said that for me it was worth trying to practice them because "my hands weren't jammed right at the first time". They didn't have to advise me twice.
So I started to play drums when I was 15 in a real, secondary school garage band - we played beat, rock and roll! Unfortunately I couldn't manage the rehearsals on a regular basis so I didn't play the drums for years then.
That was the time when I first heard about the authentic instrument of the Australian aboriginals, the didgeridoo. This was an instrument which provided a totally different, unknown and enchanting sound to me - love at first hearing.
When I started to play the drums again at the age of 21-22, I was a beginner - again.
At that time I could manage the rehearsing problems and I bought a beautiful, green Amati drum set!


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